DragonFly Security System provides video verification of activity inside and outside your home, garage or cabin based on the location of your MotionViewer® Cameras. You install the cordless cameras, view video alerts, invite followers, and dispatch to the monitoring station from your smartphone. The monitoring station shares the verified alarm with police for emergency response, helping to support your family’s safety.

Why choose a DragonFly Security System?

Simply put, the DragonFly Security System™ is founded on a technology that's been installed around the world and has been proven to deliver more arrests with video verification and priority police response. 

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Video-Verified Alarms Help Police in Their Response

Most local law enforcement agencies assign burglar alarms as low priority response because 99% of traditional alarms are false and waste police resources. With video-verified systems, trained operators can alert police to a crime in progress and help deliver more arrests.

Endorsed by National Sheriffs' Association

The National Sheriffs’ Association has endorsed the DragonFly Security System technology: “The system allows Central Station operators to provide responding officers with information on the number of intruders, their descriptions, and other information, increasing the probability of apprehension and arrest.“ 

- Sheriff Magazine, Volume 62 No. 5.